Software, software presets and sample files for you to download and use in the Valplast 3D design and printing process.   



Cura Software & Installation Files

Download and install these sample files to automatically import printer settings, materials and strategies to Cura software.

Version 2.1 released 5/22/19. Updated to reflect:

  • Horizontal nesting of Valplast dentures

  • Valplast removable supports

Additional Materials



3Shape Presets

Download this 3Shape .dme file and import to 3Shape Control Panel to unlock our recommended RPD presets for designing Valplast with 3Shape.


Version 2.0 updated to reflect:

  • Compatibility with 3Shape Dental System 2018

  • Support for all Arfona materials and recommended manufacturing settings


Sample Files

Want some samples to show your clients or print calibration and baseline files? Maybe you just want critique our case designs. Whatever your motivation, you'll find all our sample design and scan files here. Simply download them and import into your CAD system for design practice or into Simplify3D for CAD practice. Sample Gcode files are also included for direct import to your r.Pod 3D Printer.

Scan & Design Files


Printer Firmware

Firmware files to reinstall or upgrade your current touchscreen firmware on your rPod printer. Click here for instructions on how to identify printer series and to install the firmware.

TFT Series Firmware

Touchscreen firmware for TFT series r.Pod printers. Version 3.0.2, released 5/1/18.

HLK Series Firmware

Touchscreen firmware for HLK series r.Pod printers. Version 2.0, released 7/6/2017.

Material Safety Data Sheets

Archived Downloads


Simplify3D Presets

Download and unzip this file then import into Simplify3D to print various dental appliances and materials with your r.Pod.


Valplast + Arfona support material filament, right and left extruders. Version 2.0, released 5/17/18. 

Numerous improvements from 1.x releases:

  • Improved homogeneity (less porosity) of printed Valplast structures

  • Complete removal of ooze shield (uses less support material)

  • Cleaner surface quality of printed Valplast structures

  • Optimized for Simplify3D 4.x releases

Arfona model material filament, right extruder. Version 2.1, released 6/20/18. 

Fixes several bugs identified in 2.0 release:

  • Correct name in process dropdown list

  • Correct temperature settings

Arfona impression tray filament, right extruder. Version 2.0, released 5/17/18. 

Arfona soft tissue material for implant models, right extruder. Version 2.0, released 5/17/18.