Training & Education

As a registered r.Pod user, you are entitled to 2 hours of online training. The training program is divided into two one-hour modules to help familiarize dental technicians with the 3D printing process and related dental design procedures. The course is taught with a focus on how to design and 3D print a Valplast partial denture.

Hands-on workshops and webinars are also available through Arfona and our network of distributors. Please take a look at our list of upcoming courses if you are interested in learning more about r.Pod 3D printing and digital Valplast techniques.

Online Training

As part of your r.Pod starter kit we invite you to participate in our online training sessions to help you become acquainted with your new r.Pod 3D printer. Courses are completely interactive and are conducted between our instructor and as many of your technicians in one session as you would like. 

Before scheduling your introductory training sessions we recommend first reading all of the available user guides and watching the videos in our library. This will help you and your technicians form a basic understanding of digital Valplast and 3D printing concepts and techniques. 

r.Pod Introductory Course Part 1

In this course we will focus on how to set up and use the r.Pod 3D printer, start a new print job and finish and polish Valplast dentures. 


  • r.Pod installation and basic operations

  • Loading filament and starting a print job

  • Removing a completed print

  • Finishing & polishing Valplast dentures

  • Combining teeth to a printed Valplast denture

Recommended for: 3D printer operators, finishers and polishers, managers, owners.

r.Pod Introductory Course Part 2

In the second of two introductory sessions we will cover how to design a Valplast denture using 3Shape and Meshmixer and how to use Simplify3D CAM software to prepare your dentures and models for 3D printing on the r.Pod.


  • Overview of all software used in the Valplast 3D process

  • Creating a new RPD order in 3Shape Dental System 2016

  • Valplast digital design using 3Shape

    • Survey & blockout

    • Tooth placement

    • Major connector & clasp design

    • Virtual waxing

  • Converting 3Shape design files for printing (DCM to STL)

  • Using Meshmixer to create tooth sockets

  • Using Simplify3D to prepare files for printing

Schedule Online Training

Click the links below to book parts 1 and 2 of the introductory training courses. Courses may be booked during any of the available time slots. You will receive an e-mail confirmation once you have completed your booking along with information on how to prepare for the course and a link to join.