Arfona Materials Suite

Valplast Denture Base Resin

3D Printing filament

Valplast Filament.jpg

Print Valplast Flexible Partial Dentures and appliances with the r.Pod Desktop 3D Printer from Arfona. Combine with custom designed denture teeth from milled PMMA (currently available) or prefabricated denture teeth of your choice (coming soon).

Rigid Support Material

3D Printing Filament


Dual extrusion biocompatible support material for printing Valplast with the r.Pod Desktop 3D Printer. Supports and stabilizes Valplast and all nylon parts during printing then detaches mechanically during post-processing.

Impression Tray Material

3D Printing Filament


Print cost-effective custom impression trays from your digital design with our biocompatible polyethylene terephthalate filament.

Dental Model Material

3D Printing Filament


Print lightweight, low-resolution dental models at 100µ for study purposes. 3D printed models from Arfona can also be used for fitting Valplast dentures from digital impressions or for fabricating orthodontic appliances with vacuum formed materials.