Arfona Debuts 3D Printed Valplast on the International Stage at IDS 2017

-Köln, Germany-

Arfona demonstrated its new method for 3D printing Valplast partial dentures to the international community for the first time at the 37th International Dental Show (IDS) this past week in Köln, Germany.

On display were the r.Pod Desktop 3D Printer and new 3D printing filaments for Valplast Partial Dentures, custom impression trays and dental models. Arfona is the first company to introduce extrusion based 3D printing to the dental industry with their catalog of dental filaments.

Exhibiting jointly with Johannes Weithas GmbH & Co., KG and Valplast International Corp., the Arfona team spent the week demonstrating 3D printing techniques with the r.Pod printer and digital denture designs with the 3Shape Dental System. The r.Pod Desktop 3D Printer and all related accessories available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland exclusively through Johannes Weithas GmbH & Co., KG and internationally through Valplast International Corporation.

Justin Marks