The Arfona Story (circa 2019)

Justin Marks, CDT   Arfona Founder & CEO

Justin Marks, CDT

Arfona Founder & CEO

When Arfona was founded in 2016 I was such a 3D printing geek that I wanted to sell 3D printers to anyone and everyone. This was reflected in our original business plan, which targeted not only the dental industry but pretty much all industries that might have a use for additive manufacturing.

Wow. Just wow.

Not only did I seemingly forget that my own strengths and core competencies are solidly within the dental space, but it seems there are even more 3D printing companies now than there are 3D printers. The industry has exploded (exceeding $7.3B in 2018) and we are moving beyond toys and trinkets and closer towards useful and practical 3D printing applications.

Now three years into it, we're focusing on our flagship product and the technology that our company was built on - 3D printed tooth replacement with the r.Pod 3D Printer from Arfona. 3D printing and the dental industry have both seen a lot of changes in the past three years, but one thing that hasn't changed is that there are still millions of people who need to replace their missing teeth.

In the United States alone there are more than 178 million people with missing teeth. Of those people, only 24.4 million are being served annually with some sort of tooth replacement. Our 3D printing technology stands to disrupt the dental industry by making tooth replacement faster and more affordable .

Arfona printers are now used in 20 countries in every corner of the globe and growing steadily. Through our partnership with Valplast we remain commited to bringing the best restorative dental materials to the additive manufacturing sector. As we continue to develop new materials and applications for the r.Pod 3D printer we remain laser-focused on the dental industry while emphasizing the need to develop innovative and sustainable solutions with additive manufacturing.

Happy printing!

Justin Marks, CDT - Founder & CEO

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Justin Marks