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User Guides

Knowledge is power! Welcome to the r.Pod User Guide library, complete with manuals and tech bulletins to help you as you set out to master your new r.Pod printer. 



r.Pod Quick Start Guide

The starting point for setting up your new r.Pod Desktop 3D Printer as soon as it arrives. 2nd Revision.

Filament Storage Guide

Follow these simple steps to set up your filaments for printing and keeping them moisture and contaminant free.

Choose your filament dryer:

Valplast 3D Design Guide

Unlock the key to digital Valplast design and begin printing flexible partials with CAD/CAM precision.

Valplast Tooth Bonding Technique

Form a chemical bond between denture teeth and 3D printed Valplast bases using Val-Fuse Repair Liquid and cold curing acrylic.

Valplast 3D Finishing Guide

Step by step guide to help you post-process, finish and polish your 3D printed Valplast like a pro. 2nd Revision.

r.Pod Touchscreen Firmware Installation Guide

Installation guide to reinstall touchscreen firmware or upgrade to a newer version.